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Rice meets with Indonesian counterpart to talk about Iran

Posted by infosyiah pada 0, Maret 28, 2007

The Jakarta Post .com   March 26,2007

Rice meets with Indonesian counterpart to talk about Iran

WASHINGTON (AP): Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda met Thursday with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to talk about efforts to impose sanctions at the United Nations on Iran’s nuclear program.

Indonesia is a nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council and thus will have a vote on any sanctions resolution. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters that he expected Rice and Wirajuda to discuss, among other topics, efforts by six countries seeking new UN sanctions against Iran.

On Thursday, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China tried to persuade all 15 nations on the UN Security Council to back the proposed punitive measures.

The six nations fear Iran wants enriched uranium to make nuclear weapons and have demanded that it cease its apparent efforts to produce it. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful energy production.

Indonesia and Qatar have requested that the UN resolution recommend a nuclear-free Middle East. Acting U.S. Ambassador Alejandro Wolff indicated Washington would reject that request.U.S. ally Israel is assumed to have nuclear weapons.

McCormack said the United States would listen to Indonesia’s request and “take a look at what it is that they proposed, any specific language.” (**)[infosyiah]

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